Payment Options

Two payment options are accepted at all Turnpike locations.

E-ZPass is the least costly payment option on the PA Turnpike. This pre-paid program is less costly for the Commission to administer and is therefore a lower rate. E-ZPass customers mount a transponder in the windshield of their vehicles just behind the rearview mirror. When passing under a tolling location the transponder is read and the toll charge is levied to the customer’s account. Upon becoming an E-ZPass customer, all program participants must open an account and link a valid credit or debit card to activate the transponder and enable automatic replenishment. There are versions of the E-ZPass program that allow manual replenishment.

TOLL BY PLATE, our license plate tolling system, is the AET option for those customers not wishing to enroll in the E-ZPass Program. Cameras mounted either on tollbooths or on gantries capture a photo of a vehicle’s license plate as it proceeds through, and an invoice is mailed to the owner of the vehicle.