Service Plazas

Reconstruction Schedule

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has entered into a long-term lease agreement with HMS Host Family Restaurants LLC. and Sunoco, Inc. to redesign and construct 17 new service plazas across the Turnpike system. They have committed more than $150 million to the reconstruction project. The new plazas have a bigger, food-court style layout, with more food choices and modernized restroom facilities. Each plaza also has a convenience store under the same roof and updated fueling areas. As of August, 2015, all seventeen plazas have been rebuilt.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Service Plaza Reconstruction Schedule

Renovated Service Plazas

Service Plaza Name Construction Start Reopened
Oakmont Plum September, 2006 May, 2007
Allentown September, 2007 May, 2008
Sideling Hill September, 2007 May, 2008
North Somerset September, 2007 May, 2008
New Stanton September, 2008 May, 2009
King of Prussia January, 2009 May, 2010
Hickory Run January, 2009 November, 2010
Bowmansville September, 2010 May, 2011
Lawn September, 2010 May, 2011
South Somerset September, 2011 May, 2012
Cumberland Valley September, 2011 May, 2012
Blue Mountain September, 2011 May, 2012
Highspire September, 2012 May, 2013
South Midway September, 2012 May, 2013
Peter J. Camiel September, 2013 May, 2014
North Midway September, 2014 May, 2015
Valley Forge January, 2015 August, 2015