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March 7, 2014
Pennsylvania Turnpike's Chief Compliance Officer to Resign

Citing personal reasons, Dave Gentile will leave the commission April 3.
HARRISBURG, PA (MARCH 7, 2014) – Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Chief Compliance Officer Dave Gentile tendered his resignation this week, citing personal reasons in a March 4 letter to Turnpike Chairman William K. Lieberman and other commissioners. His last day at the commission is April 3.
"The sole reason for this untimely decision is family related," Gentile wrote in the letter.

Turnpike commissioners created the office of compliance on June 5, 2012 and named Gentile to head the newly established department on Sept. 20, 2012. Gentile began his Turnpike career on Oct. 1, 2012.

"We established the compliance office and entrusted Dave, a veteran with extensive experience, to take the reins. He worked closely with me, fellow commissioners, and executive staff to foster an atmosphere of accountability from the top down,” Chairman Lieberman said. “He played a pivotal role in implementing key reform measures in collaboration with senior leaders, and we are disappointed to see him go."

Turnpike Vice Chairman A. Michael Pratt said that the establishment of both the inspector general’s office and the compliance office — along with other reforms — is helping to spur a cultural change at the commission.

"We have a duty as a public entity to ensure internal controls so that our customers, business partners, the public, and elected officials can trust that we’re acting responsibly. Dave certainly recognized this and has made a positive impact across this organization," Vice Chairman Pratt said. "We appreciated his devotion and service, and we wish him and his family all the best."

Turnpike CEO Mark Compton explained that the role of compliance goes far beyond investigation.

"The function of the compliance office is to assist in ongoing efforts to modernize the Pennsylvania Turnpike and ensure accountability among employees and contractors," Compton said. "In addition to the investigative capacity, the office also conducts key audit functions and oversees revenue-system compliance. Dave has proven to be a highly organized leader, capable of fostering professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders alike."

Before joining the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Gentile was president and CEO of a private-investigation firm and a special agent in the Philadelphia office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for nearly 25 years.

"I am proud that the compliance office has brought about positive structural changes to bolster the integrity of the commission and the ethics of those who work for and with the commission," Gentile said. "I can’t personally take credit. I was fortunate to have a professional, dedicated staff, as well as a chain-of-command — our commissioners and senior-leadership team — with the courage and vision to allow us to do our job."

A successor has not been named.

"The commissioners have established a sound blueprint for my successor, and I am confident that this critical work will continue at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission," Gentile concluded.