CONTACT: Carl DeFebo

Renee Vid Colborn
February 13, 2014

Pa. Turnpike Expands Travel Restrictions to New Stanton Interchange

Trucks being restricted to right lane in some areas.

The Pa. Turnpike Commission (PTC) is expanding the speed-limit restriction of 45 mph for all drivers traveling between New Stanton Interchange (Exit #75) and the Delaware River Bridge (Exit #359) as well as the entire Northeastern Extension from Mid County Interchange (Exit #20) to Clarks Summit (Exit #131).

The PTC is also expanding its temporary tractor-trailer ban for drivers pulling empty and double trailers from New Stanton Interchange to the Delaware River Bridge as well as the entire Northeastern Extension. This also includes non-commercial or recreational trailers being pulled by passenger vehicles, including utility or cargo trailers, horse and other livestock trailers and trailers for boats, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles.

Trucks are also being restricted to the right lane of travel in both directions between New Stanton Interchange and Fort Littleton Interchange (Exit #180).

The truck and speed restrictions will stay in place through the duration of the storm.

The storm will be dumping snow at a rate of one to two inches per hour causing low visibility and possible white-out conditions until 3 p.m. today. Some isolated areas may experience three to four inches of snow per hour.  Extra maintenance crews and Pennsylvania State Police patrols are on duty across the turnpike. They will be clearing the roadway and assisting motorists as needed. For safety reasons, drivers should not pass plow trucks clearing the roadway.

For up-to-the-minute turnpike conditions, check the live Travel Conditions Map online at or call 866-976-TRIP (8747) for restrictions and closures. The turnpike’s free smartphone app, “trip talk,” provides iPhone and Droid users with audio alerts for their specific location and direction of travel. Visit to learn more.

To report an accident or other emergency on the Pa. Turnpike, remember to dial *11 from a mobile phone.