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Manager, Public Affairs & Media Relations

C  O  M  M  I  S  S  I  O  N       N  E  W  S       R  E  L  E  A  S  E

November 15, 2004



Back pay a stumbling block


HARRISBURG, PA (November 15, 2004) -- Labor negotiations between the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission management and Teamsters Union representatives resumed today but broke down quickly over the issue of retroactive pay. Union employees have been working under a contract that expired September 30, 2003.

Chief Executive Officer Joseph Brimmeier said, “the union leadership made it known immediately that negotiations would not proceed unless retroactive pay was considered by the Commission. The subject of retroactive pay was taken off the table in February 2004 when union leadership rejected the contract that we were proposing at that time. “

Brimmeier said, “We explained to the union negotiating team that retroactive pay would never again be on the table because the monies needed for back pay were being used to pay for the increased cost of medical and prescription benefits that some union members continue to enjoy. We are very disappointed. We were hopeful that we would reach an agreement.”

No new talks are scheduled.



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