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November 3 , 2004

For Immediate Release

Pa. Turnpike and Teamsters Union
Will Return to Bargaining Table Next Week

Turnpike chief hopes to resolve differences in new round of talks.


HARRISBURG, PA. (NOV. 3, 2004) - Contract negotiations between Pennsylvania Turnpike officials and Teamsters Union representatives are scheduled to resume on Tuesday Nov. 9.

Talks between the two sides ended in an impasse a week and a half ago, with Teamsters representatives alerting Turnpike management that the union might call a strike without notice.

Turnpike Chief Executive Officer Joe Brimmeier said today that he hopes a walkout can be avoided. "I am optimistic that we'll be able to resolve our differences and work out a new agreement that both sides can accept."

Because the new bargaining sessions have been scheduled, Brimmeier said that he does not anticipate a labor strike between now and next week.

Negotiations will be held at an undisclosed location in Harrisburg beginning at noon next Tuesday.

Some 2,000 union employees - including toll collectors and maintenance workers represented by Teamsters Locals 77 and 250 - have been working under a contract that expired Sept. 30, 2003.



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