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October 25 , 2004

Pa. Turnpike Labor Talks End in Impasse,
Union Employees Continue to Report to Work

Union puts Turnpike on notice that a walkout could take place without warning.


HARRISBURG, PA. (OCT. 25, 2004) — Labor negotiations between Pennsylvania Turnpike officials and Teamsters Union representatives ended in an impasse tonight after more than five hours of discussion. In calling off negotiations, Teamsters representatives notified Turnpike management that the union reserves the right to call a strike at any time without notice.

Some 2,000 union employees — including toll collectors and maintenance workers represented by Teamsters Locals 77 and 250 — have been working under a contract that expired Sept. 30, 2003.

Turnpike Chief Executive Officer Joseph Brimmeier has placed all non-union employees on standby and ready to implement the Turnpike’s fare-collection contingency plan on a moment’s notice. Non-union Turnpike employees have been trained to staff the tollbooths if union employees strike.

“The Pennsylvania Turnpike is prepared for a work stoppage if it comes to that,” he said. “Our first priority is to keep the 531-mile long highway system open to the public.”

In the event of a work stoppage, the Commission will charge E-ZPass and cash customers temporary flat toll rates of $2 for passenger vehicles and $15 for commercial vehicles — regardless of distances traveled. No toll tickets will be issued at entry.

For E-ZPass customers with fares less than $2 (passenger vehicles) and less than $15 (commercial vehicles), their accounts will be charged the actual fare. He added that commercial credit cards will not be accepted for toll payment. Toll collectors will accept only cash.

No additional contract talks between the Turnpike and union representatives have been scheduled.



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