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September 22 , 2004



The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has dispatched 20 maintenance workers and a fleet of 15 dump trucks and five front-end loaders to help clean up flood damage in six Allegheny County boroughs.

Turnpike labor and equipment has been assigned for duty in Carnegie, Etna, Heidelberg, Oakdale, Tarentum and Sharpsburg.

“We plan to be in these locations until at least next Wednesday (September 29),” said Ray Zajicek, Assistant Director of Operations/Projects – West. “We have placed our maintenance workers under the supervision of the pertinent local municipal officials in these communities and they are available to work overtime if needed.”

Zajicek, who is coordinating relief efforts involving Turnpike resources with Allegheny County Public Works Director Tom Donatelli, made arrangements for the reassignment of Turnpike labor and equipment after receiving a phone call Tuesday from Turnpike Chief Executive Officer Joe Brimmeier. Governor Edward G. Rendell asked Brimmeier about the availability of Turnpike manpower and equipment for flood clean up in the Pittsburgh region when the two crossed paths Monday in Philadelphia.

“This is what good neighbors do – help each other in times of crisis,” said Brimmeier. “The Turnpike is just one of hundreds of individuals, agencies and organizations diverting energies to areas in need.”

The labor reassigned by Turnpike officials comes from the commission’s maintenance bases at Gibsonia, Homewood and Harrison City. Equipment has been dispatched from the same three locations as well as from Turnpike maintenance centers in Greensburg, Donegal and Somerset.

Torrential rains on Friday, Sept. 17, resulting in part from remnants of Hurricane Ivan, caused streams and rivers flooding that devastated many western Pennsylvania towns.



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