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January 30th , 2004


Philadelphia, PA – Representative Keith R. McCall of the 122nd District (Carbon County) recently addressed the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Construction Management Conference. The annual event, designed to keep the Turnpike's construction managers, engineers and consultants up to date on current issues, was held January 21, 22 and 23 at the Holiday Inn-East in Harrisburg.

Turnpike Senior Engineering Project Manager-East Bernard T. Bydlon P.E., formally of Summit Hill, invited McCall to speak at the conference. “Representative McCall is the Minority Chair of the State's Transportation Committee and was one of the sponsors of ACT 229, an important highway safety bill that calls for increased safety in construction zones,” Bydlon said.

With the implementation of ACT 229 in 2003, fines for motorists speeding within active construction zones increased and can even be doubled. ACT 229 is one way of encouraging motorists to become more aware, slow down and use extra caution when driving through an active construction zone. McCall explained to his audience the process of taking a good idea like how to increase highway safety, and finally turning it into a state law. The law not only benefits the motoring public, but also highway workers in construction zones.

Representative McCall also serves on the State Transportation Commission, the Rail and Freight Advisory Committee, the Railroad System Changes Task Force, the Pennsylvania Pedalcycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the Motor Carrier Committee and the Pennsylvania Aviation Advisory Committee.

“We were delighted that Representative McCall took the time to address our conference members,” said Bydlon. “He understands how dangerous it can be to work in highway construction zones and he was willing to help enforce changes that help increase safety for highway construction crews, not just on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, but across the entire state.”
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