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December 5, 2000


Urges Continued Cooperation During Early Days of Program
Announces Ft. Washington Slip Ramp Open

Carlisle (PA) – Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Executive Director John Durbin today thanked customers for their cooperation in the successful launch of E-ZPass. On Saturday, Dec. 2, the Turnpike launched E-ZPass electronic toll collection for passenger vehicles only, traveling between exits 18 and 33. December 4, marked the first weekday for the E-ZPass program for regular commuters of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

More than 30,000 new tags have been issued by the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in addition to the thousands of E-ZPass tags issued by other transportation agencies to Turnpike commuters.

"Everyone’s getting used to E-ZPass on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and getting familiar with the signs and details of our program", Durbin said. "Customers have been great – they’ve been patient and courteous. Still, we are asking all customers to pay close attention to signs and most importantly, obey the five-mile per hour speed limit through E-ZPass lanes. We urge all customers to continue to drive carefully, particularly trucks and buses changing lanes to enter and exit in non-E-ZPass lanes."

Durbin reminded customers of the details of the Pennsylvania Turnpike’s E-ZPass program:

  • Passenger vehicles only – no trucks or buses.
  • Exits 18 through 33 only.
  • E-ZPass customers should proceed through designated E-ZPass lanes, without stopping, at the posted speed limit of 5 miles per hour.
  • E-ZPass customers should assume their tag has been read. No signal is given that indicates tag read.
  • E-ZPass tags must be properly mounted on the windshield below the rear view mirror.
  • Customers enrolled in another agency’s E-ZPass program can also use E-ZPass on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Durbin reminded E-ZPass customers who travel the Turnpike to and from the Fort Washington office park complex that E-ZPass only slip ramps are now open. For residents who live in communities such as Upper Dublin, Lower Gwynned and Springfield townships, slip ramps offer direct travel to and from their destinations, avoiding the interchange and the need to backtrack on local roads.

Slip ramps are access ramps that allow E-ZPass customers only to enter or exit the highway at points in between regular interchanges. Slip ramps are currently available for westbound-on and westbound-off traffic, one mile east of exit 26-Fort Washington.

"For those passenger vehicle customers who don’t have E-ZPass we welcome you to enroll today," concluded Durbin.

For more information about the Turnpike E-ZPass program or to enroll 24 hours a day visit www.paturnpike.com or call 1-877-PENN-PASS.


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