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October 30, 2000



Carlisle -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commissionís labor contract with toll collectors, maintenance workers and other personnel set to expire at midnight, September 30, 2000 was extended to midnight, October 31, 2000. Turnpike officials today said that in "the unlikely event" of a work stoppage, the 512-mile system would remain open.

Toll collectors and equipment operators currently earn $16.74 an hour or $34,819 a year, with a comprehensive benefits package including fully paid health insurance, eye and dental coverage, a prescription drug benefits program, 15 paid holidays, 10 sick days per year, four weeks vacation after 16 years and participation in the state retirement program.

"At this time, contract talks are continuing in good faith and we do not expect a work stoppage. However, we feel that it is important to let our customers know that in the event of a strike, the Turnpike will remain open," said Executive Director John T. Durbin.

Durbin said that management employees would collect fixed tolls of one dollar per passenger vehicle (Class 1) and $10 per commercial vehicle (Classes 2-9) at various interchanges.

Contract talks have been ongoing for the past several months between the Commission and Teamsters locals 30, 77 and 250, representing nearly 1,900 toll collectors, maintenance workers and accounting and supervisory personnel.

The Commission is seeking contract modifications providing greater flexibility with scheduling and hours of work.

"The Commissionís offer represents an excellent package," said Durbin. "We will continue to negotiate in good faith and participate in meaningful discussions of the issues. We fully expect to reach a settlement and see no reason for a strike to occur."


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