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October 4, 2000


Intermittent Traffic Stoppages Scheduled for 
Friday Night/Saturday Morning on Route 51 in Jefferson Hills

Intermittent traffic stoppages will occur between 11 pm Friday, Oct. 6 and 11 am Saturday, Oct. 7 on Pa. Route 51 in Jefferson Hills Borough, Allegheny County relative to ongoing construction of the Mon/Fayette Expressway.

Crews will be erecting bridge girders for a one-lane flyover ramp that will provide access to the new Mon/Fayette Expressway from Route 51 South. The construction site is at the Payne Hill Road intersection, near Three Rivers Bank.

Flaggers and off-duty police officers will control traffic flow during the 12-hour period. Stoppages and not expected to exceed 30 minutes but will last long enough to ensure safe erection and stabilization of the steel girders.

Construction of the flyover ramp is part of a $21.8 million contract awarded last February 1 to Swank Associated Companies, Inc. of New Kensington. The contract involves construction of the Mon/Fayette Expressway’s interchange with Route 51, including a new connector road to the northern terminus of the expressway that will be named Jefferson Boulevard.


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