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July 14, 2000


Single Lane Patterns to Start Monday 
for Routine Bearing Adjustments on Mon/Fayette Expressway Bridges

Starting Monday, July 17, temporary single-lane traffic patterns will be implemented on the Mon/Fayette Expressway's Mason-Dixon Link so that crews can adjust neoprene bearing pads on three spans in Georges Township, Fayette County.

Lane closures will occur at the bridge sites during daylight hours. Only one lane in one direction will be affected each time a closure occurs.

Bridges on which the work will be performed carry the expressway mainline (Pa. Route 43) over Mountain Creek, Chess Road and Rubles Mill Road. Work is to conclude no later than Friday, July 28.

The bearing pads that need adjusted sit between the concrete abutments at both ends of the bridges and the steel girders that support the bridge decks. Adjustments are optimally performed at an air temperature of about 70 degrees after a new bridge has carried traffic. Workers will be able to access the bearing pads after a hydraulic pump is used to lift the girders off the abutments.

The Pennsylvania side of the Mon/Fayette Expressway's Mason Dixon Link opened on March 1, 2000.


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