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June 30, 2000


Turnpike Eases Construction Activity For Independence Day Holiday Traffic

Pennsylvania Turnpike officials project that nearly 2 million vehicles will travel the toll road during the Independence Day holiday period from Friday June 30 to Tuesday July 5. As a result, construction activity will be modified beginning Friday June 30 to allow two lanes of travel eastbound and two lanes of travel westbound.

Because the holiday falls in mid-week, Turnpike officials anticipate increased traffic volumes will last through the weekend; therefore, four lanes of travel will be maintained along the entire highway through Monday July 10 at 6 a.m.

"This traditional start of the summer travel season is one of our busiest weeks of the year," said Turnpike Executive Director John T. Durbin. "Safety and convenience are paramount. There are a few spots where roadwork-related barriers must remain in place and travel lanes will be narrowed. But for the most part, the Turnpike will have all lanes open to traffic."

While no lane restrictions are planned, emergency limitations may become necessary during an accident or urgent roadway repairs.

Capt. Richard A. Stein, commander of Troop T of the Pennsylvania State Police, reminds drivers and riders to use seat belts and ensure that child passengers are properly restrained. He added that state police will be out in force, many in unmarked vehicles, watching for speeders and aggressive drivers.

"There’s going to be a lot of traffic," Stein said. "Give yourself plenty of time and try to keep space between your vehicle and others. If you’re on a long trip, pull off and take a break. The Turnpike’s 22 service plazas are open 24 hours a day."

Emergency call boxes are located at one-mile intervals on the Turnpike. Motorists also can contact the Turnpike Operations Center via cellular phone, toll-free, by dialing *11 for emergency assistance.


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