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June 29, 2000


Potential Impacts to Local Communities Reduced

Bensalem Township officials will host a meeting with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and the public on Thursday, June 29, at 7 p.m. at the Bensalem Township Municipal Building to discuss significant developments concerning toll plaza alternatives in Bensalem Township for the Pennsylvania Turnpike/I-95 interchange project.

Turnpike Project Manager Jeffrey C. Davis said, "As a result of the modifications, potential residential impacts have been reduced. These changes demonstrate that when alternatives are refined and more detailed studies are conducted, community impacts can be lessened."

Davis said that toll plaza designs have been modified to accommodate higher volume projections using E-ZPass criteria. "Even though traffic projections are higher, the number of toll plazas lanes will be reduced since E-ZPass will allow for quicker processing of vehicles, he explained.

Another change is the elimination of the Split Plaza West alternative due to the location of a recreational parcel within Bensalem Township's property. Further research showed that a portion of the property may be considered federally protected and therefore a new alternative has been developed to avoid encroaching on the Bensalem parcel. This new alternative locates the toll plaza behind Philadelphia Park and is known as Modified Plaza West.

More than 650 Bensalem residents were sent letters announcing the meeting. Meeting announcements were also posted on the Bensalem Township web-site and the local television cable-access channel. "We encourage residents, business owners, as well as public officials from Bensalem and the surrounding area to attend the meeting," said Davis. "This is their opportunity to review and comment on the newly modified toll plazas."


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