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June 5, 2000


Turnpike customers urged to visit www.paturnpike.com to take online survey.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is actively seeking input from motorists who use the toll road; officials are especially interested in hearing customer feedback about the 22 service plazas that dot the 507-mile highway system. An online questionnaire was recently posted on the Turnpike’s home page, www.paturnpike.com. Customer response to the online survey — combined with the results of field surveys — will help shape the future direction of these services plazas.

The customer surveys are just a part of a long-range study the Turnpike launched late last year to assess the current status of the Turnpike’s service plazas and provide a roadmap for all facets of plaza operations. The two-year project will thoroughly evaluate service plazas, including facility locations, architecture, available services and business arrangements.

"As we look to the future, Turnpike service plazas must meet the needs and changing expectations of our customers," said John Durbin, Turnpike executive director. "This project will help us continue to enhance services to the millions of people who travel the Turnpike every year."

As part of the study, field surveys are being conducted with truck drivers, business travelers, commuters and leisure travelers to learn how the service plazas can best meet the needs of future travelers and to measure customer satisfaction with the existing facilities.

Results of the analysis will drive recommendations to make the service plazas ready for future users. Those options could include changes such as reconstruction or relocation of plazas, enhanced services for business travelers and expanding the mix of services for travelers.

A consortium of companies called Turnpike Planning Consultants is conducting the market analysis. Incorporating planning, engineering and other professional firms, Turnpike Planning Consultants will help the Turnpike Commission prepare the service plazas for redevelopment.

"We are presently conducting a complete analysis of the plazas and the services they offer," said Gregg Schwotzer, Turnpike Planning Consultants project director. "We will look at what users want in the service plazas, compare those desires to what is now available and recommend changes where needed. We will also carefully evaluate the condition and location of every service plaza and suggest what should be done to make sure the facilities reach their full potential."

Turnpike service plazas operate 24 hours a day offering gasoline, rest rooms, a variety of fast food and full-service dining options, public telephones, automated teller machines and other amenities.


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