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May 26, 2000


Emergency Repair Work Limits PA Turnpike
To Single Lane Between Interchanges 8 and 9

Emergency roadway repair work in Westmoreland County will limit both eastbound and westbound traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to a single lane today and possibly extending into the weekend.

"We are doing everything we can to reestablish four lanes in the area to accommodate the increased Memorial Day traffic volumes," said Turnpike Executive Director John T. Durbin. "However, our emergency repairs have been hampered because of the continuing rains, and the possibility remains that more single-lane patterns may become necessary this weekend."

Turnpike officials strongly encourage motorists to avoid that stretch of the Turnpike because delays of one to one-and-a-half hours are likely ― especially in light of increased Memorial Day traffic.

To avoid delays on the Turnpike, eastbound motorists can exit at Interchange 7 (Irwin) and westbound motorists can exit at Interchange 9 (Donegal). Exiting motorists can request an alternate-route card — featuring directions to get back onto the Turnpike — from collectors at the tollbooths.

Motorists approaching the pattern should use both lanes up until the merge point and take turns entering the single lane. Proceed with caution and maintaining ample distance from the vehicle ahead.

For traffic-condition updates, motorists approaching the area can tune to the Turnpike’s Highway Advisory Radio System at either 1640AM or 1610AM. Watch for signage listing the appropriate frequency.

Before departing for their destinations, travelers can call the Turnpike’s toll-free customer assistance line at 1-(800) 331-3414 for roadway, traffic and weather information. Motorists are also invited to browse the Turnpike’s home page at www.paturnpike.com for pertinent travel information.

Motorists Are Urged To Stay Alert And Be Aware
Of Slow-Moving Traffic And Abrupt Stoppages.


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