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May 1, 2000


Turnpike Plans Intermittent Traffic Stoppages
During Demolition of Somerset County Bridges

Pennsylvania Turnpike motorists travelling between Interchange 10 (Somerset) and Interchange 11 (Bedford) may encounter intermittent traffic stoppages — approximately 15 to 30 minutes in duration — on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 2-4. Stoppages will occur between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on these days.

The stoppages — which would likely be postponed during inclement weather — will affect all eastbound and westbound Turnpike traffic.

During the stoppages, crews will be working to remove concrete bridge-deck slabs from two overpasses in Somerset County. To help ensure customer safety, the Turnpike is halting traffic for the overhead transfer of heavy construction materials. The bridges are being razed and replaced as part of a reconstruction project that is scheduled to begin in that area this summer.

Motorists travelling on this part of the Turnpike are urged to use caution and remain alert for sudden traffic stoppages. Travelers who wish to avoid the area altogether can take an alternate, off-Turnpike route, if they so choose. Eastbound motorists can exit at Interchange 10 (Somerset) and westbound motorists can exit at Interchange 11 (Bedford). Exiting motorists can, upon request, obtain an alternate-route card — featuring directions to get back onto the Turnpike — from a collector at the tollbooth.

For updated construction information, eastbound motorists can tune to the Turnpike’s Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) station 1610AM as they approach the Somerset Interchange; westbound motorists can tune to the HAR at 1640AM just before the Bedford Interchange. Please watch for signs explaining the HAR broadcasts.


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