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         Contact: Kay Jenkins Rew (610) 279-1645                                January 14, 1997


        Philadelphia, PA -- The Pennsylvania Turnpike's $11.8 million construction project to expand the Lansdale Interchange (Exit # 31), located on the Northeastern Extension, (I 476) has been completed six months earlier than estimated.
        John T. Durbin, Turnpike executive director said, "The Turnpike Commission is very pleased that construction was completed ahead of schedule. We are confident the expansion of the Lansdale Interchange will significantly improve traffic flow in the Lansdale area."
        Construction began at the interchange in September 1995 with an anticipated completion date of Spring 1997. However, the Commission and General Contractor Allan A. Myers, Inc. of Worcester, Pennsylvania, agreed to an accelerated construction plan in order to finish the project before the start of harsh winter weather.
        Durbin explained that the need for the interchange's expansion was critical. "Communities surrounding the Lansdale Interchange, approximately 10 miles north of the mainline Turnpike, have grown tremendously since the Turnpike's Northeastern Extension was built in 1957," he said. "Because of the growing population and the resulting traffic congestion in the area, interchange improvements were needed. Turnpike engineers developed and designed plans in 1995. And now we are pleased to report that the newly upgraded interchange has been completed," Durbin said.
        The new and expanded interchange offers a total of seven exit and three entry lanes (one reversible lane and two emergency lanes) for a total of ten lanes. The new facilities also include a new toll plaza, utility building, nine concrete islands, canopy and parking lots.
        The intersection at Route 63 (Sumneytown Pike) and the Lansdale Interchange was also widened to include two left turn lanes towards Lansdale and one right turn lane leading to Harleysville. An updated, permanent traffic signal reflecting the new turn lanes has also been installed at the intersection.
        In 1996, the number of vehicles entering and exiting the Lansdale Interchange totaled 7,181,321, a six percent increase compared to 1995's total of 6,772,716 vehicles.


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